The Story

Alexia Kanias is the youngest of 3 girls, born into a Greek family. Little Alexia couldn’t quite say her own name and dubbed herself XO. To this day she is still called XO (or Xopies) by her nearest and dearest. But in her teens the A’s on either end of her name got chopped off and since then Alexia became known to all as Lexi.

As a creative outlet and extramural, from her day-to-day, Lexi started taking a ceramics class in 2013. Every piece needed to be marked but it felt too official signing her name on her playful creations. She started stamping her clay with an X and O, to mark her pieces as the 'unofficial' her - the girl known by XO to her closest family and friends - something very personal. 

The ‘unofficial’ Lexi was the girl who didn’t totally believe in herself yet. Who still allowed a very critical and judgmental voice to cause havoc in her soul. She toyed with the idea of taking her ceramic journey into a full time life path but still felt afraid to accept and share her gift in ceramic crafting, to acknowledge her light and believe in herself. 

One evening a friend noticed that Lexi often stamped her clay creations with XO in more than one place. The friend went home and started crafting, creating and devising. A few weeks later she revealed to Lexi the start of a potential XoxoPottery visual brand identity.

After Lexi journeyed along the El Camino de Santiago she took a little leap of faith, stopped her successful real estate career, and followed her hearts calling. XoxoPottery Design became a reality.