Strong women support each other…

Rise, sister Rise.

We rise by lifting others.

It’s vital that we all open up to and accept the magic that exists within us.

Don’t hide, don’t dim yourself down, don’t whisper and don’t feel intimidated.

Be proud

Be authentic

Be vibrant

Be humble

Be bold

Be strong

Be graceful

Be kind

To the women labelled bossy - keep leading.

To the women labelled aggressive - keep being assertive.

To the women labelled to much - keep taking up space.

To the women labelled difficult - keep telling your truth.

Find your tribe of strong sisters and invest in the relationships that make you grow, make you rise and help make you shine. Find you tribe of male connections who support, value and understand you.

Let the uniqueness of each soul march to the beat of their drum and dance beneath the moonlight. We’re all deserving.

There’s enough shine for everyone’s face.

It’s the unity of love and respect that shines through those bonds which are priceless.

Celebrate them.

So, Rise, sister Rise.

with love XoXoPottery

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