Keeping me humble.

The Clay G-ds are keeping me humble I guess!

It’s NEVER easy when this happens.
My heart will never get used to it.
I feel great pain when this happens.
But in all fairness I must admit it doesn’t happen very often so I can’t be too much of a brat about it.
But I allow myself to wallow for a few minutes…

This piece had a hairline crack in it and with the slightest, unbalanced pressurised touch while loading it into the kiln it cracked.
It happens so fast.
It’s always a devastating, painful, angry, regretful, sad and defining moment. It’s also followed by several interesting choice words which are normally repeated/screamed a few times!!

Then the denial sets in and an interesting conversation occurred in my head “oh surely I could save this? I can’t just let it go?”

Now as much as I’m all for a “save” you’ll know I’m a big fan of Kintsugi. Sometimes you just have to accept that not everything can be saved or rather not everything is meant to be saved.
Sometimes you just have to mourn it, feel it, feel sorry for yourself and move on.

Which is what I did.

So tomorrow I’ll wake up, play with more clay and create something new once more.

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