Environmental matters…

*Environmental Announcement*
Our behaviour matters. 
Have you taken a look at things you could possibly change to be more mindful of your environmental footprint?
XoXoPottery’s motto is as follows:
Re package
Re purpose
Re use
Re cycle

I have been practising and mindful of this from the very first box I ever sent 3,5 years ago. There have been hundreds of boxes, thousands of meters of bubble wrap, kilos of polystyrene chips since.

Please note that as much as I love fancy packaging, branded boxes & wonderful first impressions...
I’m trying to help our environment.
I am a culprit of the harm we are all causing to our planet & I’m actively taking steps to rectify this.

I will be reusing boxes,
I will be reusing bubble wrap and I will be conscious of XoXoPottery’s carbon footprint.
Please know that my pieces are made with a great deal of love, care and attention to detail.
I package and box all pieces myself ensuring their safe arrival.

So, to all my customers and followers please know that as much as I pride myself in brand awareness and beautiful packaging..
I am recycling used boxes, bubble wrap and polystyrene chips. Your box might not be brand new when it arrives at your door, your bubble wrap might not be straight off the roll but I assure you once you’ve unpacked and displayed your XoXoPottery piece you will not remember the box.

It would also mean a lot to me if you to reuse and recycle the box and it’s contents.

There’s still a lot of this world I’d like to see, experience and explore so I’d like to do my part in caring for its future.

What we do matter.
How we live matters.
Our behavior is accountable.
Be kind to Mother Nature.
Much love

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